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Brothers in White Chapel

According to Prison Review 2021, there are over 160,000 inmates who are incarcerated in Texas prisons year in and year out costing Texas taxpayers over $3.2 billion every year to house and care for these inmates.  Over 90% of those incarcerated today can expect to return to the free world someday.  Of course, we would all hope that those released from prison would then live out their lives as law-abiding citizens but, regrettably, this is often not the case.  Upon release, as high as 60%-70% of that population of 160,000 will return to prison within 3 years.  However, if all those 160,000 inmates were to be saturated in a faith-based program and lifestyle and are then released, up to 60% of those released into the free world will never return to prison.  Statistical studies conducted over the years at Baylor University show these numbers vary for each state but can be reasonably expected. 

Our Mission

Brothers in White Chapel, Inc. (BIW) will build a chapel at the Pack unit and one at the Luther unit that will be a sanctuary for incarcerated men to gather in a Christian environment which facilitates learning prosocial Christian behaviors in a  transformation of their lives for the benefit of their families and society.

As these men are transformed, they are able to influence share with and encourage the participation of fellow incarcerated men resulting in an overall change in the prison culture that promotes prosocial behavior.

Through ongoing educational programs and training during incarceration, these men become positive influences once they leave prison on their families promoting a break in the cycle of sons following their fathers into prison, and with the additional long-range benefit of increasing public safety and reduce taxpayer's cost.

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